People of UHN is a photo project to capture the real life experiences of people working and receiving care at the University Health Network (UHN). (Toronto Western Hospital is the pilot site). People of UHN will capture photographic portraits and short quotes from staff, physicians, patients, family members, caregivers, and volunteers. These will be posted online every Tuesday and Thursday on the UHN Intranet. People of UHN adopts a similar approach to the popular photoblog Humans of New York, which details the hopes, dreams, and struggles of city residents through photos and quotes. Through understanding each other’s roles and experiences, we hope to bridge the gap between seeing ourselves as isolated people to connected members of a networked community. To see the portraits, please visit:

OpenLab project members: Jen Recknagel (project lead), Kendra Delicaet Collaborators: UHN Partners in Care  
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