Current Projects

How the Ontario Health System Works

How the Ontario Health System Works Read More

Urban Farm

Urban Farm Read More

Oasis T.O.

Oasis T.O. Read More

Overdose Rescue Network

Overdose Rescue Network Read More

Hospital at Home

Hospital at Home Read More

Free Medicines

Free Medicines Read More

Prescribing Virtual Reality – VRx

Prescribing Virtual Reality  – VRx Read More

Aging Well

Aging Well Read More

The Local

The Local Read More


PODS Read More

Stuff Patients Want

Stuff Patients Want Read More


Univore Read More


MERA Read More

Prediction Rule

Prediction Rule Read More

Operational Modeling

Operational Modeling Read More

Innovate Guidelines App

Innovate Guidelines App Read More

Art Heals Health: Health Heals Art

Art Heals Health: Health Heals Art Read More

LifeguardRx/Mobile Feasibility

LifeguardRx/Mobile Feasibility Read More

AFIB Innovation Program

AFIB Innovation Program Read More

Completed Projects

People of UHN

People of UHN Read More

Pop Health

Pop Health Read More




DECIDE 2 Read More

Patient Empowerment Program

Patient Empowerment Program Read More

Face 2 Name

Face 2 Name Read More

Checklist on Medicine

Checklist on Medicine Read More

Getting DT’s

Getting DT’s Read More

Nephrology Modeling

Nephrology Modeling Read More

Neurovascular Modeling

Neurovascular Modeling Read More

Second Stream Project

Second Stream Project Read More

Opportunity Project

Opportunity Project Read More

Isolation Project

Isolation Project Read More