OpenLab is made up of three distinct but inter-related labs. We work on 15-20 projects at any given time, across the three labs.

Complex Care Lab finds ways to reinvent how we care for people with multiple problems. Patients with complex health needs represent a significant and rapidly growing segment of the population, and consume a disproportionately large amount of resources. The lab develops, implements, evaluates and spreads new practices of care, carrying on the tradition of the former Centre for Innovation in Complex Care (CICC).

Experience Lab finds ways to dramatically improve how people experience care. This includes the patient, caregiver and provider experience. The lab uses experience and service design methods to deeply understand and respond to expressed and unexpressed needs of users.

X-Lab is our playground for fresh ideas and perspectives on the future of our health system. X-Lab projects tend to be experimental in nature, and often emerge from the mashups of people from dramatically different backgrounds.