Craig Madho


Personal Slogan:

We begin with the premise that we will not make a difference…but we try anyway.

What’s close to your heart?

Family. Friends. Video games. Food.

What is on your bookstand?

“Letters to a Young Poet” – Rainer Maria Rilke 

A random fact about me:

I’m a published poet. The pinnacle of my career was “Pie in the Sky” written at the tender age of 9 – since then my work has slipped into obscurity.

How did you get here?

When I was a child, I dreamt that I would grow up to be a powerful and rich engineer with the skills to build a bridge from continent to continent so that I could ride my bike around the world and deliver toys to poor children. I’ve veered from this career path slightly, but my motivations hold true: there are inequalities and disparities, both nationally and internationally, that can be solved by building strong connections and a community of support. But before we can address those problems, we must first understand them. I want to use my skills as a Translational Researcher to apply a Design Thinking methodology to create user-centred solutions for delivering healthcare. My dream is to help everyone lead happier and healthier lives – and I believe that OpenLab is the place to do it!


  • MHSc: Translational Research and Innovation (IPR), University of Toronto
  • BSc: Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology, University of Toronto


OasisThe LocalOverdose Rescue Network