Razan (Rosie) Bouzeineddine


Personal Slogan:

Remember to enjoy the journey.

What’s close to your heart?

Good Food, Random Laughs, Relaxing Piano, Spontaneous Trips

A random fact about me:

I can count pi to 25 decimal places, just for the fun of it

How did you get here?

After I finished my undergrad at UofT, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the health care field. I thought I had only two choices, medical school or straight lab theoretical research. This was until I stumbled across the Translational Research Program, a master’s program within the institute of medical science, where I could focus on the patients within their contexts and needs and work on solving real-world problems. I knew that through this program I could make an impact not by sitting behind a lab bench, but by going out and implementing change to the health care system through using a human-centric approach within design thinking. It was the perfect fit. And now, as a student in program, I came across OpenLab, and realized their ideologies align so well with what I have become so passionate about. Which brings me here, contributing to all these projects, hoping that at some point, I can be a part of making a change.

Discipline & Speciality:

Knowledge translation, User-centered research, Design thinking


  • MHSc Candidate in Translational Research, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto
  • HBSc, Human Biology and Psychology, University of Toronto


OasisThe LocalOverdose Rescue Network