Prescribing Virtual Reality (VRx)


“In Virtual Reality, we’re placing the viewer inside a moment or a story…actually tricking the brain into believing it’s somewhere else.” – Chris Milk

Thanks to increasingly affordable and compact head mounted displays, VR is quickly moving from the virtual space into one of reality, even within the walls of the hospital. A growing body of scientific research shows positive clinical outcomes from using VR in managing chronic pain, anxiety, phobia, depression, and increasing empathy. What if we could transport patients outside the confines of their hospital bed or medical condition, and have them sit by a peaceful lake, or stare up at a canopy of leaves …

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OpenLab project members: Lora Appel (project lead), Dr. Howard Abrams, Eva Appel, Ellen Koo


Dr. Jennifer Campos (TRI) – Advisor

Codrin Talaba – Media specialist

Joseph Ellsworth – Tech consultant

Supported by: The Donald J. Matthews Fund, CC-ABHI Spark Grant

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