How can we beat the Freshman 15? There is a great deal of evidence suggesting that many university students do not eat healthy diets, lack the skills to cook themselves, and that campus food options are not conducive to healthy eating. We have developed a smartphone app to teach students how quick, easy and simple it is to adopt healthy nutrition habits. The app includes a recipe generator based on the common ingredients students have available, cooking tutorials, and much more. It’s a one-stop, hand-held solution to help students build confidence and experience as first-time cooks.




Project members:

Co-Founder: Elizabeth Liao, MD Candidate
@lizzysfood [Instagram]

Co-Founder: Brandon Tang, MD Candidate
@DrBrandonTang [Twitter]

Designer: Karen Keung

Developer: Brad Kratky, MD
@bradkratky [Twitter] bradkratky.ca

Mentors: Jen Recknagel and Tai Huynh
UHN OpenLab


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