Pop Health


Pop Health is a series of short documentary films exploring the role of health care organizations in improving population health. Despite Canada’s historical role in the development of the field of population health, the Canadian health care system has been slow to adopt the population health approach. In recent years however, the Canadian health care landscape has begun to show signs of change. While there is growing recognition of the value of the population health approach, many leaders are unsure of ‘how’ to move in this direction and are in need of practical examples of innovative work that could be adapted and adopted into different contexts across the country.

In partnership with the Canadian Population Health Initiative at the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), the Pop Health project builds on previous research by Huynh et al. (2013), and uses a field study approach to explore on-the-ground initiatives by health care organizations to improve population health. The short documentaries produced by the project are intended to inspire and guide transformative leadership in the system and to further advance the population health approach in Canadian health care.

Our first two films in the series:





OpenLab project members:
Jen Recknagel (project lead), Tai Huynh (project lead)

Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI),
Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

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