Neurovascular Modeling


There is strong evidence supporting Stroke Unit care for stroke patients; however there is a lack of understanding of the various operational impacts involved in creating a Stroke Unit with limited resources. The Toronto Western Hospital implemented a Neurovascular Unit (NVU) that treats patients with both stroke and acute neurovascular conditions. The NVU was created using existing resources from general internal medicine and neurology.

We used simulation modeling and statistical analysis to conduct an economic and operational evaluation to determine the impact of the NVU on length of stay, patient routing, and costs. We determined that the NVU resulted in economic and operational improvement without negatively impacting other areas of the hospital. This model of care and study can be used by other hospitals looking to implement NVUs.

OpenLab project members:
Shoshana Hahn-Goldberg (project lead), Eva AppelDr. Howard Abrams

Eric Chow, Leanne Causubon

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