LifeguardRx/Mobile Feasibility Study


Evidence shows that the strength of a patient’s social network is a strong determinant of how well they will cope with their chronic disease. Lifeguard Health Networks, Inc. is developing LifeguardRx/Mobile, an app designed to be a Virtual Health Assistant for patients, caregivers, and health care providers involved in caring for a patient with conditions where the complexity of care is high and the patient’s health is typically compromised (such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS, Diabetes, etc.). This app will empower highly engaged and motivated family and friends to become a supportive part of the patient’s network of care, while health care providers remain an integral part of this “lifeguard” network, co-creating the patients’ care plans and monitoring critical parameters.

OpenLab is collaborating with Lifeguard Health Networks, Inc. on a pilot study to evaluate the feasibility and extent of adoption of LifeguardRx/Mobile by the target users. Additionally, it will allow us to understand the role of patient-caregiver trusted social network and practitioner in supporting the patients’ capacity to self-manage their condition. This is a longitudinal study having both qualitative and quantitative outcome measures; a mixed methods design will be used to collect data from the three participant groups: health care providers, patients, and patients’ trusted social network. Data regarding the use and perceived usefulness of LifeguardRx/Mobile by the three participant groups will be collected through interviews, surveys, group discussions, and aggregated analytics collected automatically by the application’s analytics module.

Ultimately, the expected benefit is to introduce a cost-effective innovative mobile application which affords new ways of managing health conditions by leveraging the support of family and friends while under the direction of health professionals, i.e. through supported self-management.

OpenLab project members:
Eva Appel (project lead), Dr. Howard Abrams, Nina Zahr, Lora Appel, Kendra Delicaet, Shoshana Hahn-Goldberg

Martin Carty, James Alvord, Michael Helfrich – Lifeguard Health Networks
Danielle Guttman, Alicia Broder, Leah Feliz – Guttman Initiatives
Erika Rodrigues – Techna Institute
Carlyn Zwarenstein – Bleeding Heart Communications

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