Getting DT’s (Design Thinking Workshop)


As health care is focused on the delivery of care for people by people, we need to employ approaches to problem-solving that place these users at the core, and deliver solutions that meet their needs, wants, and values. The design thinking process does just that, and aims to optimize a user’s experience within a system by involving their perspective at every step, from identifying problems, to brainstorming and piloting solutions. Getting DT’s is an interactive workshop on how to use the Design Thinking process to tackle problems and innovate solutions in health care and other disciplines. Through fun, collaborative exercises, participants learn how to empathize with their user, brainstorm solutions, and iteratively prototype, test, and learn from feedback to ultimately achieve a user-centered solution.

OpenLab project members:
Nina Zahr (project lead), Dr. Howard Abrams, Kendra Delicaet

Valerie Mais – Hospital for Sick Children

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