Free Medicines


The Debate Over Universal Pharmacare

Why is it that Canada’s universal health care system ends as soon as a patient is handed a prescription to fill? This is the question proponents of pharmacare often ask. On the other hand, many people say that they don’t see what the problem is: most provincial plans already cover drugs for the old and the poor, while employer insurance takes care of the rest. But is this so?

Free Medicines is a film series that follows several Canadians enrolled in a study where they are given medications free of charge. Set against the backdrop of the pharmacare debate, the film series explores the human side of the prescription drug coverage issue.

We’ve completed the first film in the series, which can be viewed here. In November 2016, the film was screened at Matinee at HealthAchieve, and ignited a lively and thoughtful debate among those in the audience regarding pharmacare’s place within the Canadian health care system.

OpenLab project members: Tai Huynh (project lead), Jen Recknagel (project lead)

Collaborator: CLEAN Meds, St. Michael’s Hospital

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