Art Heals Health: Health Heals Art


Art Heals Health | Health Heals Art is a symposium to celebrate the extraordinary work being done at the intersection of the arts and health care. From theatre, to visual arts, music and dance, the arts provide modalities for healing; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Art Heals Health | Health Heals Art is an annual, experiential one-day event that will bring together patients, practitioners and artists to create a community for exchange. The day will feature experiential activities, forums for discussions and exchange, key note speakers as well as opportunities to meet a diverse group of professionals from the arts and health care.

Our three-year strategy is captured in our vision “From Conversation, to Collaboration to Innovation”. The symposium will highlight the creative projects that have enriched the health care experience of so many patients and health care providers, create a framework for collaboration and innovation and allow policy makers and administrators an opportunity to recognize the powerful and valuable contribution of the arts in healthcare.

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OpenLab project members:
Kendra Delicaet (project lead), Jess Leung

Bryan Croft, Artists’ Health Centre

Dawn Green, Artists’ Health Alliance

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