Open Rounds

Our weekly Open Rounds are, as the name suggests, open for everyone to attend. It is our weekly gathering to discuss progress across all of our projects and to entertain new ideas. In addition to the OpenLab staff, Open Rounds are often attended by people unaffiliated with OpenLab.

Open Rounds Plus

Open Rounds Plus is an extension of our weekly Open Rounds, were we invite presenters to share a project they have been working on in greater depth, and get feedback from the audience. Like Open Rounds, the event is open for everyone to attend.

News & Announcements

AFQCP Wins National Accreditation Leading Practice Award

The Atrial Fibrillation Quality Care Program (AFQCP) has received an Accreditation Canada Leading Practice recognition. The AFQCP is part of the AFIB Innovation Program’s Transitioning Emergency AFIB Management (TEAM) model of care.

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