AFQCP Wins National Accreditation Leading Practice Award

Mar 24

The Atrial Fibrillation Quality Care Program (AFQCP) has received an Accreditation Canada Leading Practice recognition. The AFQCP is part of the AFIB Innovation Program‘s Transitioning Emergency AFIB Management (TEAM) model of care. It is a multi-pronged intervention targeting Emergency Department (ED) AFIB patients and facilitating both their ED management as well as streamlining their transition back to community care with support for both the patients and their primary care provide. Learn more about the AFQCP

Innovative and creative aspects of the AFQCP include:
1. Utilization of a Nurse Practitioner and Pharmacist-led model with physician support
2. Tailored patient education on AFIB, including clear advice on how to self-manage
3. Access to specialty care through telemedicine
4. Access to the AFQCP team through a 1-855 hotline
5. Patient-friendly, standardized, individualized care plans, provided at the end of each clinic visit
6. Individualized guideline-based, standardized family practitioner care plans formatted to include the important information but structured to address the key components of AFIB care (stroke prevention and quality of life) and to also clearly communicate what the next steps for the patient are and who is taking responsibility
7. A specialized, disease-specific clinic with the goal of transitioning the patient back to Primary Care with a shared care model

Accreditation Canada selects programs that are innovative and effective in improving quality care.  The practices that they select are “…leading in a service delivery area, in a particular health care setting, or for a specific health care challenge.” In addition, the Leading Practice Database is an excellent opportunity for sharing innovative practices from health organizations nationally and internationally. Learn more about the Leading Practice Database


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